Birth Doula

Women have been supporting women giving birth since the beginning of our time and long before the world of medicine and male doctors. Doulas are that beautiful ancient piece of history of love and support in today’s world. Doulas are not medical in any way; instead, a doula compliments the medical team by providing emotional, physical and educational support to you and your partner during the pregnancy, birth and postpartum period. A doula is a calm and confident presence, encouraging relaxation, trust in your body and connection with your partner.


Benefits of having a doula present at your birth:

    • More likely to have a spontaneous vaginal birth
    • Decreases risk of cesarean
    • Decrease in the use of any medications for pain relief
    • Shorter labors
    • Better Apgar scores for baby
    • Feel more satisfied about birth experience

Mermaid Mama Package

  • Free consultation. Let’s meet up to see if we are a good fit!
  • Two prenatal visits to go over questions, birth preferences and what to expect in labor, birth and postpartum. Each appointment about 60-90 minutes.
  • Unlimited phone and email support.
  • Welcome to join an upcoming Birth Boot Birth Class that I teach locally
  • Continuous support through labor & early postpartum
  • Two postpartum visits to discuss birth, limited breastfeeding support, provide any resources and other postpartum doula care. Each appointment about 60-90 minutes.
  • Gift of 6 edited photos
  • Support all through baby’s first year.

Investment: $1250

*** I strongly believe everyone should benefit from the support of a doula!
Please do not let your financial situation be the reason you do not hire doula.
I am happy to put together a customized package that fits your budget and your needs.