Bereavement Doula

Bereavement doulas are birth doulas who are uniquely qualified to support families with all birth outcomes from pregnancy loss, fatal diagnosis, and subsequent rainbow babies. Bereavement doulas provide physical, emotional and informational support through every stage of pregnancy, loss and birth. Bereavement doulas are a calm and strong presence, while creating


A mother whose experiences loss at any stage is still a mother and deserves to be nurtured, loved and cared for as she both celebrates & grieves her baby.

Some ways I can help as your bereavement doula:
  • Provide individualized support
  • Available all hours
  • Help prepare for & attend the birth
  • Provide information, education on birth process/options and comfort measures for labor
  • Will create a sacred space (music, lights, ceremony, smell, memories)
  • Hold space for the family, including siblings
  • Hold hands and walk the family through their journey
  • Postpartum support: Going home plan, self care, coordinating meal trains, announcements, keepsakes
  • Provide follow-up support for weeks and months to come
  • Provide resources, support groups and referrals to therapists, photographers
  • Support through IVF, NICU, & rainbow babies



Absolutely no obligated cost. Bereavement holds a special space in my family’s heart and I am happy to support. However, donations are helpful for keeping this work supported.