About Me

Hello, I am Jessica Villella. I am a mama, a doula and an educator in Northern Colorado. Through my own personal experiences and journey into motherhood, I have found that I have a deep love and passion for all things birth, babies and parenting. This page is all about me, my family, my philosophy, my passions so you can decide if we might be a good fit.


I am a wife and mama of two. I am originally from Oregon and my husband from Minnesota, we met here in Colorado. From the sunshine to the mountains we are so thankful to call Colorado our home. We now have two little sassy native Colorado girls. I love all things arts and crafts. My hubby and I love to do all sorts of projects from building to restoring. We strive to live simply,

intentionally and about as messy as we can. Quality time & traditions is some of our most important family values. No matter the season, you will find we spend lots of time outside enjoying all the seasons and the beauty it has to offer.

We are the furthest thing from having it all figured out, but we love this crazy life and so thankful to share it with each other. I’m thankful to have a husband that is so involved in parenting and in love with parenthood as much as I am. I’m thankful he is so supportive of all my wild passions and obsession with birth and babies. After the birth of our first daughter and all the heartbreak that came with it, we realized there was so much need for support and education to parents.


I am birth, bereavement and postpartum doula.

I am a Birth Boot Camp Instructor and with my husband we teach the curriculum Love and Logic Early Childhood Parenting Made Fun! I am also a co-leader of ICAN of Loveland. I also enjoy supporting and learning so much from the Northern Colorado Breastfeeding Coalition. NoCo Mamas & Littles is a group for moms to find support, and build their tribe. We get together monthly to hang out or plan to do something intentional together with our kiddos or families.

My journey into the birth world truly started long before I even gave birth. From the moment I realized I was pregnant, (or at least, shortly after the shock wore off) I found myself completely fascinated with it all- from pregnancy to birth and every piece of parenting. I read all the books, listened to all the podcasts, and loved all the research. I never realized there were so many options, opinions and styles of parenting. I love the variety and think that’s exactly what makes life so beautiful is that there are so many different ways to live and love in life. Through it all I really learned a lot about myself and as a mother.

As overwhelming as it was at times, I knew exactly what I wanted, what I believed and what was best for me and my family. However, I never realized the possibility of lack of support or even that there could be a such a power struggle and so much judgement that could occur in such a beautiful and intimate time.

My philosophy in birth, parenting and life in general is that you are a strong and intuitive soul. I truly trust you know what’s best for you in that moment and encourage you to listen to that part of you. I believe that women are absolute goddesses and a woman’s beautiful design to grow, birth and nourish their little one is the natural process of life and powerful in every way-we should trust that. I believe in woman supporting and empowering women, especially in birth. I believe a birth story is a love story, and partners should be completely involved in every piece of the pregnancy and birth. I believe every couple should feel empowered by their birth experience regardless of the outcome.

Empowerment comes from being apart of every piece of your birth, being fully informed and confident in each decision you make. I believe that every decision you make will impact the next decision you make. I’m here to provide you with information supporting both sides of every topic, help you discover your values, your desires and your goals- even if they are different from my own. I’m here to keep you honest and true to yourself and remind you of your own values and goals. This is your journey, your life, your birth, your baby and no one should take that away from you.


I meet you where you are at. We are all doing the best we can with where we are at & what we have been given. We are all at different places in life, values and in the relationships we have. We each have a unique perspective on what life is all about and what direction to go. I believe that is what makes life beautiful. That we all have something unique to offer and we can learn something and give something to everyone we meet and in every situation we meet. I may be sassy and know exactly what I want and what is best for me. However, I meet you where you are at and I believe only you really know what is best for you. No judgement. More than once in my life I have personally survived and suffered from depression, anxiety, abuse, addiction and loss. In birth, I have personally had a hospital birth and a home birth, I’ve had a cesarean and a vaginal birth, a traumatic birth and healing birth. In parenting & relationships, I’ve been in a place where I was the overly anxious, controlling and careful one, and I’ve thankfully been able to find confidence, empowerment and intentional connection. It’s important to be okay with where you are at in life and just as important to know what your direction is in life. Birth and motherhood has been the most challenging, empowering and inspiring moments of my life

and I believe that every woman deserves to feel loved, supported and feel empowered by their experience- regardless of their preferences or financial situation. Birth is a beautiful and wild journey- & you only get one opportunity to create your birth story. I believe with education, support & confidence in your intuition, you can have an empowering start to parenthood.


I am all about connection! Anything I said really resonates with you, let’s meet for coffee/tea and talk about all things pregnancy birth & parenthood and see if we are a good fit.